Welcome Message from AUPPHS-FA Principal

Message from Principal

Dr. Keneth A. Robinson

In a globalized world, we find ourselves confronting more competition for prized resources. Today’s graduates need even more skills and abilities to successfully compete. Which is why with the easing of COVID restrictions, I envision a year where the considerable resources of AUPP, the passion, and creativity of our teachers and the natural curiosity and drive of our students will further a program that embraces the challenges of high school and readies students for a globalized world through providing a foundation in STEAM subjects, superior English competency, and civic-mindedness through community service projects.

Last year witnessed significant milestones, including the first-ever AUPPHS-FA graduation. The inaugural graduating class was a unique group with high aspirations, noteworthy achievements, and a deep, abiding concern for the planet and its people. We are very proud of the school placements for these seniors in recognized universities across Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Based on the successes of last year, the leadership team has added several exciting programs that will enhance students’ learning while broadening their preparation for university. Foremost among these is the addition of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These classes offer students the opportunity of earning university credits in many universities, especially in the United States. When an admissions officer sees one of these classes on a transcript, it demonstrates the student’s ability to successfully handle university-level material. Furthermore, it conveys that a student is not satisfied traversing the comfortable path but is a person who embraces challenges knowing that he or she is capable of meeting them successfully. This year there will be AP classes covering Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, and Capstone Seminar.

A second important change is the addition of an ESL class for all incoming freshmen. This class will also be available for any students whose English proficiency is inhibiting their learning and grade achievement. In addition, we anticipate having a guidance counselor to assist students with various issues and collaborate with graduating students to locate and assist with university applications. Another focus this year will be to bolster the extracurricular offerings.

I feel honored and excited to be a part of the AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy family. Our high school offers an education that is second to none as it fulfills our stated mission of developing students to be critical thinkers and life-long learners as well as instilling the values for them to become conscientious citizens and humane people.

In the upcoming year, I look forward to getting to know each of you and better understanding your concerns and goals. Please feel free to stop by my office. My door is always open.