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Welcome Message from AUPPHS-FA Principal

William E. Thomas​

Dear Friends, 

The newness of AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy provides an opportunity to create and be part of something innovative and unique.  The combination of resources available to the High School – resulting from its relationship with American University Phnom Penh and Foxcroft Academy – provide a great opportunity for Cambodian students to not only challenge themselves intellectually, but also make a meaningful contribution to their country’s development. The school’s endorsement of a STEAM philosophy purposefully provides students with the tools to excel in an increasingly futuristic world without losing the basic values that define Cambodian culture. AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy is committed to an education that responsibly combines modernity with respect, integrity, and the importance of family. 

In an increasingly globalized world the importance of understanding the perspectives of those different from yourself is critical to physical, as well as mental growth.  AUPP’s motto, “Study locally, Live globally”  reflects this sentiment and therefore embraces the diversity represented in our school both in body and mind. We have professors/teachers from all over the world, primarily because they are the best at what they do, but also because they bring a variety of ideas, and that is what makes us all better. Always remember, it’s the mind that differentiates, not the body. 

So, I welcome you to AUPP High School where you will belong to a community dedicated to empowering students through education and understanding. You are the beginning of what will become a long line of graduates whose success will inspire future generations. 

William E. Thomas​
AUPPHS-FA Principal