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AUPPHS-FA Student Club

Welcome to AUPPHS-FA Student Clubs! Here, you can explore various clubs catering to a wide range of interests and passions. Participating in clubs allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and presents opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and memorable experiences outside the classroom.

Whether you are interested in sports, arts, culture, academics, social issues, or community service, there is likely a student club that aligns with your interests. These clubs are run by students (with their faculty advisor) for students, and they offer a range of activities and events throughout the academic year.

If you want to join a club, start a new one, or complete the forms required to maintain and enhance your student club experience, see the options below.

Student Club Handbook

We support and facilitate co-curricular activities and opportunities to enrich student life beyond the classroom. These activities and opportunities enhance students’ academic experience and, therefore, support AUPPHS-FA’s vision to be a leading center of academic excellence in Cambodia and Asia.

Remember, the Student Club Handbook is only a guide, and you should always consult with our Administration for specific rules, procedures, and guidelines governing student clubs in the school. For more information, review the Student Club Handbook.

Event Registration & Club Funding Request

The AUPPHS-FA Administration is the umbrella group for all student clubs; it distributes and oversees student club funding. AUPPHS-FA Administration & Finance Department conducts a funding application process each academic year to allocate money for student clubs. Only registered student clubs may apply for funding. For more information on funding, please review the Student Club Handbook.