School Profile

School Mission

AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy is a private English language college preparatory institution in Cambodia, offering a high-quality American-style education that is grounded in the culture of Cambodia and Asia. The High School inspires socially responsible behavior, life-long learning, innovative thinking, and academic excellence, to ensure its graduates success in a changing post-modern world.

School History

AUPP High School was founded through a partnership between American University Phnom Penh and Foxcroft Academy (FA). FA was established as a private secondary school on January 30, 1823, becoming the first school to be chartered after Maine became a U.S state.

Expanding on FA’s history of educational leadership, AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy was established in Phnom Penh as a private grade 9 through 12 college preparatory high school on November 02, 2020. Its curriculum, created in partnership with Foxcroft Academy and American University Phnom Penh, embraces a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) philosophy that focuses on combining disciplines designed, not only to prepare students for University, but also provide students with real-world 21st Century skills. All courses are taught in English by teachers from around the globe. This ensures, not only a variety of perspectives, but also an expansive pool of highly qualified teachers. AUPP HS promotes a western style education that provides students with multiple opportunities to express their understanding of a problem or issue.


Academic Requirements

The AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy curriculum is standards-based and our grading system is proficiency-based. Each course includes between three and five content standards, and an Academic Initiative standard. All standards are graded and reported, and are used to determine an overall course grade. Course grades are recorded on the transcript each quarter. Course credit determination is based on the final quarterly grade. Course credit values are predominantly based on instructional time. AUPP provides tutors for those students determined in need of additional instruction.

Graduation Requirements

All courses are year long Total credits required for graduation: 24.5
Earned credit in the following mandatory courses:

Grading System

Individual standard grades indicate the degree to which the student demonstrates proficiency in that concept and/or skill area; letter grades representing proficiency levels range from C (basic) to A (superior), while all levels of unsatisfactory proficiency are reported as U. Course grades indicate the degree to which the student demonstrates proficiency across all course standards. Course grades ranging from C (low) to A (high) indicate the demonstration of at least basic proficiency in all standards and earn credit. Course grades of D and D- represent a U in one content standard and/or Academic Initiative and do not earn credit, nor does F, which indicates multiple unsatisfactory content standards.

GPA and Student Rank

Course grades at graduation/Honors levels (all courses are Honors level) of study are weighted equally. GPA is calculated at the end of each semester using the final quarterly course grade and the credit value of the course. Rank in class is determined at the end of each semester by rank-ordering students according to GPA. Eligibility for rank-based honors and awards requires the equivalent of four full-time semesters of enrollment at AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy.


AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy offers a challenging and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum emphasizing a STEAM philosophy, and includes 24 honors level courses thus far. The school’s partnership with Foxcroft Academy(FA) and American University Phnom Penh has provided the resources and expertise required to create an exceptional educational environment, including access to the university’s library, athletic facilities, and a pool of teachers with advanced degrees.

The curriculum includes five cross-disciplinary standards, in service to our mission, identified as the underlying skills needed for post-secondary success: clear and effective communication; creative and practical problem solving; integrative and informed thinking, responsible and involved citizenship; self-directed and life-long learning.

All courses are heterogeneously mixed and the level of study is “honors/college preparatory”. Academic rigor is based primarily on our ability to hire, as a result of our being housed on the American University Phnom Penh Campus, instructors with PHD’s and MA’s. All instruction is delivered in English.

All students are Cambodian and therefore speak Khmer fluently. The students are required to take two years of Chinese to graduate. All instruction is delivered in English.

Currently, AUPP High School offers a combination of Art History, Graphic Design and Creative Art in one year long course.

Students must perform a specific number of community service hours each year, totaling a minimum of 36 hours served during their four years at AUPPHS.

Students must demonstrate that they have read at least one approved self- chosen book per year of their enrollment at Foxcroft Academy.

Students must curate a capstone project that showcases self-selected learning experiences and aligns them with the AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy Mission Standards. An executive summary presentation of the capstone project is also required.

Student Activities

AUPPHS is a new High School and in the process of developing its extra-curricular activities. Given the challenges of the current pandemic we have had limited success in establishing this part of the traditional high school experience. But, we have established a student council with class officers which has collaborated with American University Phnom Penh to make meaningful contributions to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Because of our small size we mobilize our efforts as a whole (all students are involved). Plans are currently being made for several giving campaigns that include the local animal shelter and an organization called Local4loca, which uses local food vendors and “cyclo” drivers to deliver meals to the needy.