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Vision - Mission - Standards


AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy will be a preeminent center of secondary academic excellence in Cambodia and in Asia.


AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy is a private English language college preparatory institution in Cambodia, offering a high-quality American-style education that is grounded in the culture of Cambodia and Asia. The High School inspires socially responsible behavior, life-long learning, innovative thinking, and academic excellence, to ensure its graduates’ success in a changing post-modern world.


The following cross-curricular mission standards define the skills and abilities we intend students to be able to demonstrate upon graduation from AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy. Meeting these standards, not only reinforces the school values but also ensures that the academic program works toward fulfilling the mission of the school.

Responsible and involved citizen

Defined as one who understands the interdependence within and across systems and brings to each situation the appropriate actions.

Self-directed and life-long learner

Defined as one who understands the importance of embracing and nurturing a growth mindset.

Clear and effective communication

Defined as one who understands the attributes and techniques that positively impact constructing and conveying meaning for a variety of purposes and through a variety of modes.

Creative and practical problem-solver

Defined as one who is skilled at selecting and applying a process of problem-solving to deepen understanding and determine whether redefining the goal is a better way of addressing a problem situation and continuing to consider other alternative solutions until one resonates as the best one.