Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment methods are accepted to pay the tuition? Are there any other fees associated with the tuition?

Students have two options when paying for tuition. Either pay the full amount with a single payment which is $5,000 for annually or spread payments with quarterly payment plans. Students need to pay other fees including application fee, testing fee, registration fee, technology fee, and special activities fee.

2. What are the requirements and documents that AUPP HS-FA needs before the student can enroll there?

Before enrollment, the students have to hand in the following documents:

• An application form
• A copy of Birth Certificate / Passport
• A copy of family book/ parents ID
• A copy of previous school report cards/ official transcript
• An official transfer document for students from the public school/transfer document is waived for students from the private school
• Two 4 x 6 cm colored photographs to the enrollment form

3. Does a prospective student need to interview and take the English placement test before enrolling?

Yes, they need to do the interview and English placement test. We need to know their English abilities in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

4. If prospective students have taken the IELTS/TOEFLS exams, do students still need to do English Placement Test?

They do not need to take the English Placement Test if their TOEFL or IELTS score is the same as the following:
• 9th grade must have a minimum TOEFL score of 55+ / IELTS 3.0+
• 10th grade must have a minimum TOEFL score of 63+ / IELTS 4.0+
• 11th-grade students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 74+ / IELTS 5.0+
• 12th grade must demonstrate excellent academic performance and a minimum TOEFL score of 85+ / IELTS 6.0+

5. Would AUPP HS-FA offer a scholarship? What is the criteria?

After students submit their application form, they can apply for a scholarship if they believe that they are qualified. After the applicant sends in all the required documents, the Administration will decide whether the student will receive a scholarship or not. The school can give a scholarship from 25% up to 100%.

6. Does AUPPHS offer sibling discounts? What is the percentage? And if I have a sibling studying in AUPP Uni, am I still eligible for the sibling discount in High School?

Our high school offers a sibling(s) discount that applies to the 2nd child at 10%, 3rd child and other consecutive siblings(s) at 20%, who have enrolled into AUPP and AUPP High School. Discount only applies to school fees and not applicable to any other fees.

7. What type of curriculum does the school provide?

The school provides an accredited 4 years American high school curriculum (G9 to G12).

8. Do you offer a Khmer program, or is it only an English program?

We do not offer a Khmer program at AUPP HS-FA. AUPP HS-FA is a full American High school program with a medium of instruction in English as the 1st language.

We do have future plans to offer an elective World Language credit base course of Khmer literature into the program.

9. How many subjects are there for students at each grade?

We offer three types of classes, including core course, elective course, and a STEAM course. For the core courses, there are English, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physic), and History and Social Studies. As for elective courses, we offer World Language (Chinese), Physical Education, Heath, and Arts. The STEAM elective course offered this year is Engineering.

10. How long does the school require the student to stay on campus?

Classes begin at 8 AM, and end at late by 4.00 PM, depending on the scheduled roster of the day.

11. Are the teachers all foreigners (American)?

Our AUPP HS-FA teachers are outstanding Expatriates and Locals professionals with International bachelors’ and Advanced degrees. We have subject specialists notable in STEAM, who are also lecturing at the University degree level.

12. If I graduate from AUPP HS-FA, can I enroll in any public or private universities?

Yes, you can enroll in any local university in Cambodia. The Foxcroft Academy certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Education and equivalent to Bac II certificate.

13. Do you offer school bus transportation?

No, AUPP High School-FA does not provide transportation for students due to their safety during this pandemic.

14. Do you have a canteen at your school? Is it clean and safe?

Yes, we have a nice and clean canteen inside the campus.

15. Can my child bring the iPad and / or Chromebook home?

The students can bring any school issued device home after clearing the  technology device fee upon entrance to AUPPHS-FA. Students use the same device throughout his/her high School years.

16. What is the special activities fee for?

The special activities fee paid for by students for their field trips with the school.

17. Are there any special credits that your school requires for the student to have in order to graduate?

The American high school standard requires students to complete each academic year’s specific credits. Over the course of four years, each student must gain a minimum of 24 credits with the passing requirement of C in all courses.

18. If my child transfers to your school in the middle of the year, are there any ways that my child can obtain the credits in order to graduate?

If the student transfers in the middle of the school year, they need to send in their official transcripts from previous grades to the school. The school will evaluate those reports. If the students miss credits in any courses of their previous years, they must have earned credits that count towards the graduation during their study at AUPP HS-FA.