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After-School Program: Chinese Language

Admission is Now Open for the New Semester! Class Starts on May 20, 2024!

There are many benefits to learning a new language especially the Chinese language and it is never too late! Learning Chinese language helps you or your child become smarter because the language itself has a long history and impressive culture. Not to mention the wisdom for life in every lessons. Learners will be equipped with the best tool. With over 1 billion people speaking the language, it is an essential tool to communicate and get around. Last but not least, you or your child can get ahead in academic, life and work: Fluency in Chinese provides a better admissions toward study and work. That is a skill that potential high-paying employers look for!

Adopting the classic tutorials of YCT (Chinese Test for Children) and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), the program helps adults and children comprehensively and systematically improve their Chinese “listening, speaking, reading and writing” abilities. Also, it prepares them to study, work, and live in China.

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Course Features:

YCT is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency that assesses primary and middle school students’ abilities to use Chinese as a second language. It is divided into four levels: YCT 1 to YCT 4. Preparing young mind to learn Chinese at a young age benefit in terms of speed and understanding.

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Learning Outcomes:

Acquire basic knowledge of Chinese: Students will be able to master basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar and communicate and read.

Build interest and confidence: We conduct the course in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, which can stimulate students’ interest in learning Chinese and enhance their confidence in learning.

YCT Study Schedule and Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee



Primary: YCT 1

USD 150 per month


Monday to Friday 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Primary: YCT 2

Intermediate: YCT 3

USD 166 per month


Intermediate: YCT 4

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Program Features:

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is widely recognized by educational institutions and employers as proof of Chinese language proficiency and is often required for admission to Chinese universities and employment opportunities. It is divided into 6 levels: HSK 1 to HSK 6.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Learning Outcomes:

Improve Chinese language proficiency: Students can improve their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and comfortably communicate in Chinese daily and at work.

Preparation for advanced exams: The advanced HSK (Level 4-6) exams provide students with advanced certification of their Chinese language proficiency, preparing them for further study, work and life in China.

HSK Study Schedule and Tuition Fee

LevelTuition FeeHoursSchedule
Primary: HSK 1USD 166 per month112

Monday to Friday 6:15 – 7:45 PM

Primary: HSK 2
Intermediate: HSK 3USD 200 per month112
Intermediate: HSK 4

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