Senior Student Highlight: Ratana Anuthrak

Ratana Anuthrak (Academic Year 2023-2024) – Memorable, Challenging, Sad​
Favorite Quote: One day, you sit down with your family members, your children and grandchildren. You put a movie on but… the title has your name…? The movie seems to be about you… Would it be boring and dull, or would it be enjoyable and exciting? Would you be proud to watch and show your grandchildren the life you’ve lived? If no, then something must change.​ Live your life like it’s a movie.

An interesting fact about Anuthrak is that he is left-footed and can move his ears. His favorite memory from AUPPHS-FA was the trip to Siem Reap during the winter break of 2023; he said it was a lot of fun, giving him a chance to form a closer bond with his friends. After school, Anuthrak would spend his time practicing fencing for national and international tournaments. He said the training is very gruesome, and he has very little time to himself at night, which taught him to endure tough times and manage his schedule more efficiently. Anuthrak studied AP Physics and AP Chemistry because this involved a lot of logical thinking and reasoning; he believed these skills would transfer well into the real world. His most challenging project is the AP Seminar’s’ final assignment during Grade 11th. He finds it difficult as this requires him to read many academic articles and write a 2000-word essay with an 8-minute presentation on the topic. He said it was his first time exposed to such a volume of work, so adapting to it was challenging.

Anuthrak said that the subject that prepared him the most for life after high school was the AP Seminar. He said that the subject taught him how to read, analyze, and write effectively. He believed those skills alone are very valuable because everyone will always have to read, research, and write throughout everyone’s career. His plans after graduating from AUPPHS-FA are to study abroad and major in computer science because he has always been fascinated and excited to work in the ever-growing field of technology. The most valuable lesson that Anuthrak has learned from AUPPHS-FA is that things are not always so bad. To quote Anuthrak, “The homework that you’ve been putting off for days, It’s’ not that bad if you sit down and try to go through with it; the same goes with everything in life.” One lesson that he wants to impart to his junior at AUPPHS-FA is “Don’t put things off for too long; you’ll be more stressed. I just dedicated some time to it. It’s not that bad.”

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