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Senior Student Highlight: Racsmey Hangmonic

Racsmey Hangmonic (Academic Year 2023-2024) – Humbling, Challenging and Rewarding
Favorite Quote: “Life itself, in fact, with its storms and its greatnesses, its monotony and its variety, becomes a sort of tragic epitome; and that, perhaps, is why we enjoy with a fevered haste and an intensified delight this short voyage of which we see the end at the very moment when we embark upon” – Maurice Leblanc, Arsène Lupin

Racsmey Hangmonic is one of the AUPPHS-FA outstanding senior who enjoys personal time for self-reflection, relaxation, and working on assignments. He likes to work out at the gym, listen to music, and watch movies during his leisure time. One of his favorite memories at AUPPHS-FA was the prom in 2023. During his senior years, he was the vice president of the student council and helped organize events such as Khmer New Year and Prom. He also participated in Model United Nations (MUN) as a delegate, which was inspired by his students’ TED-Talk program that kicked off his journey in debate and public speaking. Hangmonic once volunteered for an environmental cause to promote a good cause and help keep the environment clean.

Hangmonic loves AP Calculus and AP Physics because his teacher makes the class atmosphere enjoyable and he enjoys problem-solving. His most challenging project was his Grade 11 AP Seminar project due to the overwhelming amount of information that he had to compress into an essay and explain to the professor. Finding relevant information and information that was against his thesis was the hardest part of the project.

Hangmonic believes that AP Physics and AP Calculus can prepare him the most after high school. He sees these subjects as critical to problem-solving, understanding ideas and problems, and identifying the causes and effects of certain things before solving them to ensure a fruitful result. After graduating from AUPPHS-FA, Hangmonic plans on attending a good university to major in mechanical engineering. As a senior, he wants to share an important lesson with his juniors: “Take responsibility for your actions and keep your word, especially as a young man. It is crucial that you prove what you say. No one likes a broken promise.” He thinks it is crucial to prove what you say and not break promises.

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