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Senior Student Highlight: Ly Suyngor

Ly Suyngor (Academic Year 2023-2024) – crazy, fun, hectic
Favorite Quote: “If you think that you are not ready, you are.”

Suyngor enjoys spending time at the beach because it is calming and relaxing. Her favorite memory from AUPPHS-FA is having fun with her friends while studying. While she doesn’t have a particular favorite subject, she finds physics interesting because it requires her to figure out how things work. However, the subject that challenged her the most was AP Calculus due to its abstract concepts, multifaceted problem-solving, analytical thinking, time-intensive practice, integration of various math areas, conceptual understanding emphasis and others.

Aside from her studies, Suyngor works as an accountant and cashier for her family business. She places a high emphasis on being careful and professional with financial matters, ensuring that all transactions are recorded accurately and maintaining clear financial records. She believes that adhering to ethical standards and staying up-to-date on financial rules is vital for ensuring the business’s financial health. Studying economics has prepared her for life after school, equipping her with decision-making skills, especially in financial matters. This knowledge enables her to make informed choices about spending, taking into account factors such as opportunity costs and long-term goals. This strategic approach to life beyond school will be valuable to her.

Suyngor advises all juniors to be prepared beforehand and to seek resources from Khan Academy if they are struggling. She also emphasizes the importance of being punctual for class. After graduation, she plans to apply to college in Cambodia to pursue a degree in finance.

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