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Senior Student Highlight: Kong Kanitha

Kong Kanitha (Academic Year 2023-2024) – eventful, valuable, tedious
Favorite Quote: “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

Kanitha enjoys a variety of leisure activities such as biking, listening to music, and socializing with friends. During her senior year, she went on a trip to Siem Reap with her friends, which she considers a precious memory. Kanitha has participated in many community service activities, such as cleaning up trash along the riverside and helping children at a school in Siem Reap. She believes that these experiences have helped her to develop a sense of responsibility and empathy.

As the leader of the Cinematography Club, Kanitha has had the opportunity to hone her leadership skills, which will be crucial for her future endeavors. She also enjoys studying AP Statistics, which she believes will equip her with the skills to conduct research, evaluate journal articles, and enhance her critical thinking and analytic abilities.

Kanitha faced a challenging AP Chemistry assignment that required an in-depth study of topics such as kinetic theory of gasses, chemical equilibrium, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, oxidation, and other complex topics.

Kanitha believes that her study of AP Statistics will prepare her for life after high school by equipping her with analysis and data interpretation skills, making informed decisions, and communicating more effectively. These skills are essential in various fields, including business, social science, and healthcare. After graduation, Kanitha plans to continue her studies at a university.

One important lesson that Kanitha wants to leave behind for her juniors at AUPPHS-FA is “to take care of the environment and give back to the community.” She learned this lesson during her time at AUPPHS-FA and believes it is an important life lesson for everyone.

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