Senior Student Highlight: Chou Meyly

Chou Meyly (Academic Year 2023-2024) – stressful, untypical, enjoyable
Favorite Quote: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

An interesting fact about Meyly is that she is obsessed with boba. In her own words, “I can’t live without boba”. Her favourite memory at AUPPHS-FA was the first day of senior year when everyone was unexpectedly welcoming. During her time at the school, she helped out the community. For example, in October, she went to Kampot for a community service project with her classmates. They donated supplies, food, and money to the Khmer Cultural Development Institute. Meyly’s favorite subject is AP Statistics because the classroom environment is comfortable and the subject helps her with critical thinking, which she believes will be beneficial for her future. However, an assignment that challenged her was the AP Physics assignment. The need to devote significant time to understand and practice the material can be demanding, especially when combined with other AP classes she is currently taking.

Meyly said that Economics is the subject that prepared her the most for life after high school. She believes that economics implies almost everything in our daily lives, especially when making tough decisions. Economics can help her feel more prepared for any circumstances. After graduating from AUPPHS-FA, she plans on pursuing higher education abroad. It has been her goal to experience studying in a foreign country since her childhood days. There are three things that Meyly wants to leave behind for her juniors at AUPPHS-FA: be nice to your teachers, prepare to make difficult decisions, and take things slowly.

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