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Mr. Khien Song

Khmer Language, Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Khien Song is a Social Studies and Khmer Language teacher at AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy. He started his career as a teacher in 2016. Mr. Khien experienced working as a co-founder of a youth Education Program Manager, a nurse, an English Teacher, and a safety engineer at New Phnom Penh International Airport. He got a high school diploma from Ung Thoung Buddhist High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from International University and an associate degree in nursing. Mr. Khien is pursuing a master’s degree of Science in Education specializing in Transformational Leadership at the Asian Social Institute, Manila, the Philippines, in 2019 and 2022.

Mr. Khien is interested in Khmer history because it educates people to have nationalistic ideals, patriotism, and willingness to participate in preserving and developing their own culture, tradition, and civilization. It reveals an extended picture of the politics and economics of the country.