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AUPPHS-FA Newsletter: Thong Virak Monybott

Thong Virak Monybott (Academic Year 2023-2024) – Driftveil city theme
Favorite Quote: El Psy Kongroo

An interesting fact about Monybott is he is fascinated with time traveling and reaching the Steins Gate World Line. His favorite memory from AUPPHS-FA was when he got to make friends, as he enjoyed doing so and spending time with them. Monybott is part of AUPPHS-FA music club, he thinks this was a nice change of pace because he can relax and enjoy himself very nicely. Monybott enjoyed studying English as it gave him room to breathe from all the other challenging subjects. His most challenging project is the AP Seminar’s final assignment during Grade 11th. He found that the Senior Capstone project is challenging since it has to be original and a not-done-before topic, and students have to dedicate their time to it.

Monybott believes that AP Calculus will prepare him best in life since anything that is related to engineering or programming will require it at some point. He plans to keep enjoying himself while he experiences college for the time being. An advice that Monybott wants to impart to his junior at AUPPHS-FA is “Enjoy it while it lasts’ ”. He wants his juniors to also enjoy their time in highschool while also working hard at school.

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