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Alumni Testimonial: Kean Kannitha

The AUPP High School – Foxcroft Academy is very proud of our students for their excellent achievement. Let’s hear from one of our outstanding alumni about their learning experience.

Question 1: Describe in a few sentences how studying at AUPPHS-FA has prepared you for university life.

While studying at AUPPHS-FA, I have gained and developed many skills that helped me prepare for university-level courses. Though I encountered many challenges that could occur at university, the difficult or creative courses that I took provided me the fundamental understandings to become a successful and hard working student who is ready to confront challenges.

Question 2: How does the STEAM program of AUPPHS-FA help you during your study here?

STEAM education approaches many fields, and learning it provides many skills that can lead to future opportunities. First and foremost, I have learned that team spirit is the key to success. I learned to build, create, and design many projects that I had never done before, and it made me realize that the world we live in is becoming more technologically advanced.

Question 3: Why do you think your education is important? In other words, how do you see it impacting you for the better in your adult life?

Education can shape who you become, so having knowledge will make you achieve your desired goal. As I grew older, I realized that education instilled in me a desire to know, learn, or do something. As a result, you will have goals and passions in life and will be successful. When you are well educated, you will develop skills such as problem-solving that will make your life easier. Education, in my aspect, will always have my back, no matter how many hardships I face.

Question 4: What is one major challenge you have faced in your education and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging aspect of studying is having multiple projects due on the same day, which puts me under pressure to meet all deadlines. The solution is to create a time schedule so that you can manage time for each task equally and efficiently.

Question 5: When you think about the future, what memories from your school life will you be nostalgic for?

It’s lunchtime now, drop your orders before class begins.
Turn in now. Wait Sir, I’m not finished yet, me too. 😊

Question 6: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from AUPPHS-FA that you would like to share with the juniors/next generation?

Learning from your mistakes will lead you to a better outcome. Therefore, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

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