Alumni Testimonial: Hy Puthyrath

The AUPP High School – Foxcroft Academy is very proud of our students and alumni for their excellent achievements. Let’s hear from one of our outstanding alumni about their learning experiences.

Question 1: Describe in a few sentences how studying at AUPPHS-FA has prepared you for university life.

I believe AUPPHS-FA has prepared me for at least my idea of university life through the use of English as the sole language of instruction, the many essay assignments and the use of academic articles to complete them, the need to do reading before lectures, the discussions, and the opportunity to interact with bona fide professors (and all-around great minds).

Question 2: How does the STEAM program of AUPPHS-FA help you during your study here?

The off-campus events organized by FS&E professor Dr. Santoro, including an art exhibition at the National Museum and a cyclo tour of the architecture of Phnom Penh, were certainly highlights of my year and contributed to the nurturing of my artistic interests.

Question 3: Why do you think your education is important? In other words, how do you see it impacting you for the better in your adult life?

One thing my AUPPHS-FA education gave which will benefit me for the rest of my life is an appreciation of history as a treasury of answers to all sorts of important questions. How will this impact my adult life? We’ll have to wait and see.

Question 4: What is one major challenge you have faced in your education and how did you overcome it?

The lack of challenging science courses to take. I’m now waterboarding myself with material from Khan Academy. I’m glad (and slightly envious) that with the arrival of the AP program, this will not be a problem for the next generation of AUPPHS-Fa students.

Question 5: When you think about the future, what memories from your school life will you be nostalgic for?

Crude jokes with friends, indoor badminton, deep discussions with professors, realizing you’re listening to the grown-up version of perhaps the most intelligent high school student of her generation… etc.

Question 6: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from AUPPHS-FA that you would like to share with the juniors/next generation?

No habit or hobby can reap rewards as practical, as pleasurable, or as plentiful as reading will.

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