Mrs. Aseel Belal Saleh Abuhaija

English Teacher

Mrs. Abuhaija is an English Lecturer at the American University of Phnom Penh and AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Yarmouk University in Jordan. She also earned her master’s degree in English Literature and Criticism from the same University. Both were received with excellence. She has been teaching English for eight years between tutoring at home and teaching at universities, private schools, and centers.

She comes from an academic background as both of her parents are teachers. She also enjoys reading books of philosophy and psychology. Her focus in research is in Postcolonialism, Resistance Literature, Colonial Discourse, Hybridity, Identity, Memory Studies, and Trauma. Her passion for studying literature began as a child loving to read colorful children’s stories and continued as a teenager escaping from the world into a novel. At the end of college, she wanted to become an English teacher to pass on the love of literature to future generations.

She also enjoys many activities outside her academic life. For example, she loves to travel and observe different cultures as she has been to America, Jordan, KSA, Malaysia, and now, Cambodia. She also likes to go out on road trips and visit all the tourist attractions in the countries that she visits. She likes to try all the different kinds of food that they have to offer. She also loves to cook.