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Mr. Thomas Freeman Chee

English Language Teacher

After studying business management, Mr. Chee worked as a school librarian. He really enjoyed the interaction with the students as much as he enjoyed the work itself. He has also worked for a well-known hospitality website where he’d work with clients from across the globe. The job was more interesting than the sum of its parts because a single day would involve working with clients from just about every time zone in the world. It was a monumental decision to quit his stable job in the UK and pursue a career in Southeast Asia, as it would mean leaving the safety net of home and throwing caution to the wind.  He is very happy with his choice, and he’s never looked back.  He has worked with students from just about every age level, and he’s learned a lot in his time here.  The teaching methods vary vastly depending on which age range you teach, but he feels confident teaching all ages.

Having been schooled in Britain his whole life, he had little knowledge of other cultures, learning styles, and pedagogy.  He is grateful that he has been fortunate enough to be schooled in Britain, and he believes that teaching students to be creative and think outside the box is one of the best learning styles.  He hopes he can bring some creative thinking and thinking outside the box to his students here in Cambodia.