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Mr. Nakul Dabas

Mathematics and STEAM Program Teacher

Mr. Nakul is an innovative, data-driven and highly versatile High School Education Facilitator with cumulative experience across a broad spectrum of coursework, including Information Technology, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Statistics, STEM Curriculum development, and varied industry segments.

As a learner himself, he has a Bachelor’s in Polymer Sciences and Chemical Technology from Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India, a Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and Innovation from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education Practices from University of Essex, United Kingdom.

As a researcher, he published many articles in reputed journals, including research into the Synthesis of Calcium Carbonate Nano Particles. Outside of academia, he is active in sponsoring underprivileged talented young footballers via donation drives, counseling, and coaching. Before joining AUPPHS-FA, he worked as a STEM educator at CIA FIRST International School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.