Mr. Cesar Guevara

Biology and Chemistry Teacher

“A very special and warm welcome to all the new students. We hope you will all have an enjoyable and successful year. We are proud of developing a very strong international high school program that is compatible with any other high school program in well-established international schools around the world.” – Mr. Guevara

In his home country of El Salvadore, Mr. Guevara worked for the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology as a research associate. Five years ago, he moved to Cambodia to collaborate at the Royal University of Phnom Penh to teach in the biology department. Before he joined AUPP he was working for the Diagnostic Microbiology Development Program, an American organization that works with Medical Microbiology.

His interest in teaching at AUPPHS-FA emanates from his desire to help Cambodian students develop a good foundation in science. He believes that a science teacher not only helps answer questions but also inspires their students to seek out the answers for themselves.