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Dr. Helen Velanganni​

Sciences Teacher

Dr. Helen Velanganni is an Educator who has been in the Teaching & Learning Process for more than two decades since 2000. she holds a Doctorate in Physics in Thin Films from Anna University, Chennai, India.

As an Author published 2 books titled “Atomic and Molecular Physics” and other titled “A textbook on Spectroscopy and its Instrumental analysis.”

As a Researcher published many articles in reputed journals and was an active reviewer in the Taylor and Francis Journals and Journal of Chemical Physics letters.

Her fields of Interest are Solid state Physics, Atomic Physics, Material Science, Spectroscopy, and Quantum Physics.

Beyond Academics, she is a vibrant Program Officer of the Youth Red Cross since 2011 and Universal Human Values Co-Ordinator as well. She is also known for conducting various motivational programs for Youth in particular.

Before Joining AUPPHS-FA, she served as an Associate professor at AnjalaiAmmal Mahalingam Engineering College, India.